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Here's What They Say

I have never had a more knowledgeable, determined, caring but firm coach/trainer than Patrick.  His awareness of the human body and his understanding of how to get you what you want safely, effectively and quickly is unparalleled.  Basically, he spoiled me and now I don’t want to train with anyone else.  Get into it now and start feeling FANTASTIC.

Tom Detrinis

I am honored to have the opportunity to praise Patrick Cohen. I have had many trainers over the years and Patrick brings a unique style to training that I have never experienced before. As an older woman who is not in shape, Patrick got me moving in a way that was safe and pain free. He is also wonderful with my young son (14) who is a baseball player. Patrick understands the needs of younger athletes and trains with an eye toward the future while preserving the health and current needs of the growing child. No weights except the child’s own body weight is used, and he monitors progress, aches, pains and regression with a keen eye. I trust my son’s training to Patrick without worry. My son grows stronger with each session and his baseball skills have improved with the strength he has gained under Patrick’s care. I recommend Patrick Cohen as a trainer for any fitness level. He’s fun to work with, too.

Julie Dolcemaschio, client and parent of client