Patrick Cohen is a Los Angeles-based personal trainer with over a decade of experience working with all types of clients.

From athletes to sedenPersonal Trainertary office workers, from youth strength training to senior flexibility programs, he is dedicated to bringing his endless passion and years of experience to helping his clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Patrick firmly believes that truly changing one’s body and achieving health and fitness goals requires truly changing one’s life. It’s not about quick fixes or getting through insanely difficult workouts, it’s about realistic, consistent hard work. His programs are dedicated to building the body up, not beating his clients down, which ensures that progress is consistent and measurable, and the risk of injury extremely low.

Patrick’s focus on functional training and core stability allows the strength and conditioning gained in his training programs to transfer from the gym to daily living. Whether it’s climbing a steep staircase with a bagful of groceries, playing basketball on the weekends, or picking up your grandchildren, expect to find everything get easier, and for aches and pains to disappear.